Award (George D. Logan)

Sgt. Trembley said:

T/5 Logan was just recently transferred to FP1 but has taken no time in making himself a key player in almost everything we do. For our first BBOP match in particular he was an integral part of our success not only on the field but in the prep work leading up to it.
T/5 Logan hosted and ran an almost 4 hour unofficial CE clinic for FP1’s CE’s focusing on hitting long range objectives and small targets which I believe played a role in how effective we were against EP2’s vehicles during the match. In addition he was a constant presence hounding guys to guest and practice on off days without instruction from his Platoon HQ to go above and beyond the expectations of our members.
In the match itself T/5 Logan played a critical role in tieing the match with his accurate rockets while under fire onto the ammo dump objective. FP1 failed to secure the intel table through conventional means however T/5 Logan managed to put enough accurate rockets on the objective to secure it in the last few minutes of our attack round from a distance and height differential that mad the streamers comment on the possibility of even being able to pull it off. He stayed level headed and did not panic allowing me to resupply him and get the final rocket into the objective.
In addition to his prep work and CE marksmanship against all odds he was also a big player in our second defense round, badgering the enemy tank and tracking it from a distance. Although the enemy was still able to take the radio tower objective using the tank he hit. It is my belief that he caused enough emotional damage (and physical damage) to the crew and vehicle that it was not able to effectively engage and destroy our own tank.
For this he is being awarded the Army Commendation Medal.


Glad to see you getting some recognition, Congrats, T/5 Logan on the ACM.

Hell yeah buddy. Congrats! Battle buddies 4 life.

Great work T/5 Logan, congratulations.

That’s awesome T/5! your awesome!

A true boom stick pro!