Award (Ivan D. Buravkov)

2Lt. Griffin said:

During the first match and second round of DP1S4’s DBOTS campaign on Sunday May 2nd, PFC Buravkov was given the task of individually defending the South Eastern approach of the Echo Objective on Resort, with S4’s task being to defend the objective, whilst DP1S3 attacked.

Positioned outside of the objective and alone, the expectation of PFC Buravkov was to locate, disrupt and report back on the positions of the attacking force, although their approach from the South East, at least in S4’s leaderships estimation was unlikely. His job was to slow the enemy down and give S4 the opportunity to re position and engage the enemy.

Turns out S4 need not have worried, as once PFC Buravkov identified S3’s South Eastern approach, well concealed in the Jungle vegetation, he proceeded to eliminate all but one of S3’s numbers, scoring a total of 6 kills, even after the remaining few of S3’s force located PFC Buravkov and barraged him with M79 rounds, white phosphorous and frag grenades, he kept his cool, re positioned and proceeded to single handily win the second round of S4’s DBOTS match against DP1S3, scoring them the overall win.

PFC Buravkov single handily took on an entire squad and came out on top, securing victory for his team. Therefore, we see fit to award him the Army Commendation Medal, congratulations!


Awesome award Buravkov!

Congrats Buravkov!

Nice one!

Very well deserved. I was wondering when you well handle such a feat. Congratulations PFC Buravkov!