Award (Jake Lee)

2Lt. Deb said:

Corporal Jake Lee has a habit of putting one-hundred and ten percent into anything he does. This has been his motto when it comes to handling his staff positions, leading his squad, and even guesting other squad drills. So when FP2’s scrim was announced, Cpl. J. Lee followed his habit and guested consistently to help prepare their platoon. Over the few weeks of scrim practice, Cpl. J. Lee guested fourteen times and was a great asset to SSgt. Gibson as the driver of the tank. With this, Cpl. J. Lee will be receiving a Good Conduct Medal for his efforts. Congratulations, Corporal Jake Lee on the GCM!


Congratulations Cpl. Lee, you put a lot of work in!

Congrats Cpl. Lee, few can match your work ethic!

Congratulations Cpl. J. Lee!


Congrats, Corporal!
Thank you for your consistent guesting in Charlie!

Excellent work Corporal! Congratulations!

Congrats Cpl.!

It was a blast to be in that tank with you thank you very much for the help that you gave our platoon!

Tank you for inviting me to guest Easy