Award (James P. Sarsfield)

Sgt. Garrett said:

Recently, I was forced to leave my ASL alone with the squad while I went on ELOA to move across the country. As anyone knows, it’s a lot to ask for to leave one member in charge of a squad for a month. Although it wasn’t necessarily his job, PFC Sarsfield recognized this fact. In my absence, he stepped up multiple times to lead the squad to victory, be it in platoon or company drills. I think I can safely speak for Cpl. Sigal as well and say that his efforts while I was away greatly benefitted the squad, and things would have been much rougher on the squad without his help. The PFC proved that he will step up whenever he is needed, and for that and his work while I was gone, I’m happy to recommend him for a Good Conduct Medal. Congrats PFC! Keep up the excellent work!

Thanks for all of the help, PFC! Well deserved!

Good job, my fellow 1392nd’s training platoon mate! Time flies quick!