Award (John Bedekovich)

Cpl. Falenty said:

During round 2 of FNF EU, on the 19th of March, PFC Bedekovich took command of a Bluefor force (40 men) tasked with preventing Greenfor from carrying a flag into a capture area. The task was difficult from the get-go, as neither team knew where the actual area is, and no vehicles were provided. Despite all the curveballs thrown at him, PFC Bedekovich formulated a flexible plan and got to work organizing the defence.

The capture zone turned out to be a small checkpoint over a river with 3 bridges as crossing points. While the teams raced to the point, they engaged in numerous skirmishes, resulting in Bluefor losing a lot of men. Throughout the round, there was a constant theme of Bluefor being outnumbered more than 2 to 1. A small flanking element crossed one of the bridges and engaged Bluefor from the flank, as a big force formulated around the main bridge and pushed under smoke cover.

PFC Bedekovich started flanking and maneuvering around the attackers, engaging the flag carriers inside the point. As the 10-minute capture ticked down, Bluefor held the line, outflanking the enemies and killing everyone they saw. PFC Bedekovich, while under command single-handedly took out more than 8 greenfor players, recaptured the flag and moved it out of the cap zone. When the push finished, the PFC was left with 3 other teammates, against a singular Greenfor guy, scoring a Bluefor victory.

PFC Bedekovich while leading a full ~40 person team, displayed exemplary rifle skills, along with a stellar display of leadership, had a huge influence on the outcome of the round. For this outstanding performance, PFC Bedekovich has earned a Silver Star.

Congrats PFC!

Good stuff! You deffo deserve it!

Congratulations PFC! Well earned!

Great star, PFC!
Well deserved!

Great job Beda! Well deserverd!

Ez clap, Nice award, PFC!