Award (John Kaz)

2Lt. Quiles said:

During EP3’s first defense round for the EP1 vs. EP3 match of BBoP, EP3S1 was tasked with defending the eastern most objective, it was the most vulnerable to attack and was likely to be hit first. That prediction proved to be true. As the attack carried on EP3S1 was slowly being chipped away and falling back as a result. PFC Kaz was positioned inside the objective building in an adjacent room, the only thing standing in the way of the attackers. As the first wave of infantry came a small group of 3 rushed the building, one was killed as they reached the building and the other two make it into the objective, digging as soon as they see it. PFC Kaz realizing the objective is in peril runs out of cover to save the objective; he runs in kills the two attackers and repairs the objective, he now positions himself directly on the objective. By this point, EP3S1 is mostly dead and what remains have fallen back toward the west. As the match carries on it’s clear that the attackers have run out of steam and slowly defenders make their way back toward the East. While this is happening the remaining enemy infantry attempts a final push on the objective; several explosives and rounds were fired at PFC Kaz but he was unflinching in his resolve. As each attacker came in PFC Kaz killed them. PFC Kaz was for long stretches of time the only thing standing between the objective and the enemy. He was able to repel anyone that attempted to destroy the objective and showed extreme discipline and patience while defending the objective.

Well deserved, congratulations!

Very well done Kaz

Congratulations Kaz,


Congratulations pal!

Thank you guys :smiley:

congratz Kaz, well deserved!

Congradulations, Kaz. Keep serving EP3S1 well.