Award (Julio Barazal)

Cpl. Hanley said:

as of late, PFC Barazal has shown his dedication to his squad and platoon through the DBotS competition. PFC Barazal created a color-coded “callout map” for each scenario that DP3S3 participated in within hours of it being announced. PFC Barazal went out of his way to make sure every member of DP3S3 was aware of, was studying, and was otherwise utilizing these maps that contributed to the above average performance of DP3S3. PFC Barazal displayed a passionate attitude throughout the entire competition that was simply the result of wanting to help his fellow squad and platoon members. With DP3S3 currently not having an Assistant Squad Leader, PFC Barazal has also gone above and beyond to make sure that each squad member is present, confident, and combat effective. This has been achieved through group message reminders, meetings with squad members, and a general willingness to help anyone with any problem they may have. PFC Barazal has been knowledgeable in any topic he has discussed with the squad, and has generated many positive ideas and practices. PFC Barazal has also gone out of his way to be available to all of DP3 throughout DBotS. Since DP3S3 never had to compete against a fellow DP3 squad, PFC Barazal was able to and did guest almost, if not every, extra DBotS practice that was held by any DP3 squad. This is on top of PFC Barazal having already been attending all official DP3 squad drills for the various squads to help them practice as well. PFC Barazal’s dedication to his squad, platoon, and the 29th ID as a whole has been noticed by all of DP3, and his humble attitude regarding his accomplishments is only further proof of his passion. PFC Barazal has also had 100% attendance almost his entire career, being one of the most passionate members of the 29th ID. For all the aforementioned reasons, it would be inappropriate for PFC Barazal’s contributions to the DP3 and the 29th ID to go unnoticed and unrewarded by his CoC, and a GCM seems to be the most fitting honor he can receive for his actions.