Award (Luke Grissom)

Cpl. Taylor Said:

PFC Grissom is one of the new guys that every squad leader hopes to get. Even though he had just bought squad prior to joining the 29th, he has put his all into learning the game and getting better. Pvt. Grissom organizes pubs every day and does most of the squad leading when he pubs, and brings the confidence and experience that pubbing has given him into our drills as well. Pvt. Grissom’s outgoing and friendly attitude has been a huge help in keeping up the morale of our squad in drills and the 29th as a whole with all of the pub sessions he’s organized. To top it off he’s even managed to snag a few recruits during all of his pubbing. That all said, I think this behavior is more than deserving of a good conduct medal for bettering himself, EP1S2, and the 29th as a whole in the short time he’s been here. Congratulations and keep up the good work Pvt. Grissom!

Cpl. Hapers Said:

When I asked PFC Grissom if he had Squad and if he would be interested in the 29th he did not have the game, but he decided that he wanted to give it a shot and thus bought it. Due to this, his BCT was literally the first time playing the game but that has not stopped him. As Grissom graduated from BCT and got assigned to EP1S2 he set a narrative straight away, a very motivated narrative. Both during my first and current tour in the 29th I have not seen a Private this eager to learn and this dedicated to the unit. Grissom sets up Pubbing sessions almost daily, guests basically every EP1 drill he can attend to, not to forget, he has been able to pull in quite a bunch of recruits who recently have been starting to graduate as well, and whilst they graduate he radiates his enthusiasm onto them to truly elevate their morale as well. It is of my opinion, that Private Grissom, is a stand-out soldier and a true role model for any other fresh Private in the 29th. Therefor, it is my opinion that Private Grissom, may it not be with a power point slide he is famous for (Why you should PUB with Private Grissom ), deserves his Good Conduct Medal for his exceptional dedication to the 29th from the moment he joined us in EP1.

That presentation has set a new standard in terms of what we expect from Privates, be more Grissom

Congrats, PFC Grissom. Nice work.

PFC Grissom is what people should try to be; hardworking, contributive, friendly, always motivated, looking to spend time with people in the unit … I can go forever. Congratulations Grissom, everyone who is around you can tell that you truly are enjoying the unit and looking to contribute yourself in any possible way that you can. Keep up the amazing work and congratulations once again!

What a lad. Nice job, bud.

So very well deserved! Congratulations!

I don’t know who you are, but I have a particular set of skills, skills to click links embed on forums, and in one particular link I just saw a presentation, and now I am sold.

Congratulations, PFC!