Award (Luke P. McKee)

Cpl. Nielsen said:

PFC McKee participated in Round 2 of FNF on Sept 17, 2021 and significantly contributed to round victory. The game mode was CTF where the attacking team had the flag and had to get it to the defended capture zone. The 29th was on the attacking team, and after a brutal assault, only a few soldiers remained standing. Battered but not broken, PFC McKee joined two others in the sector to secure the flag. The three were all but surrounded. After a vicious encounter, the last remaining team members went down leaving only PFC McKee left in the compound near the flag.

The two enemy contacts buddied up and began searching the building that PFC McKee was in. PFC McKee maneuvered into the catwalks of the building and ambushed both enemy contacts at once - eliminating them and securing the AO allowing the remaining friendlies to secure the objective and victory in the process. Without his efforts the enemy would have taken the flag and secured the compound forcing the remaining Blufor forces to assault the compound again, putting victory in jeopardy.

For six OCAP confirmed kills, continually holding off reinforcing enemy infantry, and the single handed heroic defense of the flag zone resulting in round victory, PFC McKee is awarded the Bronze Star.

Congratulations, PFC!
First Platoon Ever Forward!

Congrats on the Bronze Star!!!

Very well deserved, PFC!

Congrats PFC!