Award (Max O. Officer)

SSgt. Crane said:

Unlike many of the officers in this unit, PFC Officer stands out; not only because his status as an officer is dubiously attached to his name, but also in terms of his overall quality as a player. Unlike those of us NonComs and the illustrious members of the brass who had to sacrifice any level of skill we had on the altar of leadership, Officer has not only stepped up into leadership but only gone up in his capabilities! During his first round in BBOTS this year, PFC Officer stood out as the second in command of his squad while doing a serious number on the enemy! During the final round of the match, coming down to an A/A, PFC Officer put his CE kit to use by parkouring up four different ledges to make a perfect shot, killing two and injuring two more. Following this, Officer hunted one of his wounded foes, killing them with another rocket. With his rockets spent, our dashing PFC dove straight into the heat of the battle, storming the objective where a contentious back and forth had kept it in the hands of his opponent. With grit and nerves of steel, PFC Officer killed his opponent defending the objective to secure it for himself. A glorious victory, to say the least! It is, thus, our honor to provide him with his rightfully earned Bronze Star! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Good work Officer! Welcome to the Bronze Star club :stuck_out_tongue:

Well deserved

Congratulations Officer, you deserve it