Award (Michael P. Montgomery)

1Lt. Nelson said:

Today, Cpl. Montgomery showed us all how to take initiative. During the assault on the second objective of 2Lt. Falenty’s OCS Scrim II, BLUFOR forces got bogged down as they made contact with the defensive line. Sensing a stalemate, Cpl. Montgomery advanced from his defensive position and pressed through to kill four of the attackers, cutting their numbers nearly in half in a matter of seconds. This action forced the BLUFOR HQ element to commit to the fight, which ultimately lead to the death of 2Lt. Falenty.

Besides the defense of Objective 2, Cpl. Montgomery was also present at the fight for Objective 1. He managed to survive the onslaught of the entire Blufor team who conducted a hit-and-run attack that left 3 OPFORs alive to reinforce Objective 2. Cpl. Montgomery was also present in the Opfor counterattack on Objective 2 as the Squad Leader, and ensured that Opfor came out victorious for the scrimmage. For his initiative, cunning and bravery, we are proud to award Cpl. Montgomery with a Bronze Star. Solid hustle, Corporal.

Such skillz, many shinies, very hustle.

A lead hustler among hustlers. You put the SUC in 1-3 Cpl.

Turned the tide in favor of the defenders for sure. A shining example of battlefield initiative. Well done!

the GOAT

Great show, glad I got to be a witness!

I did not see it but I heard it, nice.