Award (Nour Aboalfa)

Sgt. Van Dongen Said:

PFC Aboalfa, since his start has shown great dedication. He guests many drills every week, both GMT and EST within Easy Company helping them with their respective drill goals. He has a good attitude. He performs above what is expected from him. His attendance has been outstanding and he has no disciplinairy actions. Finally his recruitment efforts lately have been noteworthy. Due to all the former, platoon HQ has seemed it fit to award PFC Aboalfa with a Good Conduct Medal.

Gefeliciteerd Abo!

What a legend! Congrats brother!

Well earned, we appreciate your help abo.

Conrgrats lad !

Well deserved, Abo. Keep it up!

Thank you!

Congrats, you truly are a good bean.