Award (Patrick K. Regan)

2Lt. Tremblay said:

During the final round of the BBOP match between FP1 and EP4 Cpl. Regan initially was stationed on the West side of Al Basrah with the rest of S1 to guard the Intel Table objective over there. However, despite this area being heavily fought over during FP1’s attacks EP4 decided to focus their attacks on the Hell Cannon to the East, and the Ammo Cache to the South. Once it became clear that the West would be quiet during the round, much of S1 was sent down to the South to try and help S3 hold off EP4’s assault on the Ammo Cache. Despite holding out for about 10 minutes, eventually most of S1 and all of S3 were wiped out down there and EP4 managed to destroy that objective, making it 2-2 for the match. Any more objectives scored by EP4 would mean FP1’s first defeat in BBOP. Around this time 2Lt. Tremblay (our TL) was also killed off of the Hell Cannon he was operating, and that objective started to come under siege by EP4. At that point, I picked up leadership from our fallen 2Lt and sent what was left of S1, minus PFC Dawn who was to sit on the Intel Table with me, over to reinforce S2 at the Hell Cannon. Cpl. Regan then began to rotate from the Intel Table to the Hell Cannon and managed to slip past an enemy rifleman watching the North of the Hell Cannon and linked up with S2 right outside the objective building. By this time most of our team was dead and we were outnumbered by EP4, especially near the cannon. Cpl. Regan arrived just as 2 more of our teammates were killed in the buildings surrounding the cannon. He also arrived just in time to see EP4 cross the road and assault the objective. 6 men from EP4 descended upon the objective building, and Cpl. Regan got to work. He first hit one of them square in the chest with a 40mm HE round from his GL (through a smokescreen I might add) while they were crossing the road. Knowing that the rest of them made it to the objective building, which was now covered in smoke from EP4, Cpl. Regan decided to throw caution to the wind and followed their assault into the building. He flipped his rifle to Auto and immediately sprayed another of the attackers outside with bullets. After a quick reload he then entered the building and emptied his magazine into his 3rd victim. After another quick reload Cpl. Regan began trading shots with another enemy on the first floor of the building. After both failing to arming distance each other with 40mm grenades, Cpl. Regan charged at his enemy, who had fled, and traded with one of the other EP4 members in the building resulting in his 4th kill on that building in the span of about 60 seconds. After his death, there were only 2 attackers left alive near the objective which the remainder of S2 was able to handle. Given EP4’s previous use of C4 during the match, and our very low numbers by this time (5 minutes left), I have no doubt that without Cpl. Regan’s actions FP1 would have lost that objective, and therefore the match.

Well done Cpl. Regan!