Award (Ramses M. Conrad)

When I think of the 29th Infantry Division, a handful of names come to mind (Wilson, Cyr, Hart, Conrad, Cooke). But when I stop and think of all of the advancements and progress the 29th has made over the last few years, one name rises to the top. This person has had his hand in so much that I often wonder how he has so much time on his hands. Who could I be talking about? Command Sergeant Major Conrad, of course. He’s overseen so many projects and initiatives over the years that it’s hard to pinpoint just a couple. As of late, CSM Conrad has been spearheading our forum updates, our roster expansion, excelling as Chief of MP Corps, and working with our new Battalion Headquarters Staff to ensure smooth transitions and clear expectations.

As Commanding Officer, I’m so very thankful to have CSM Conrad as my right hand man. His devotion to this unit is second to none and I think it’s time the unit shows our appreciation in the only way I know how. That being said, it is my extreme pleasure to award CSM Conrad with the Distinguished Service Medal.

Thank you for your service, CSM, you’ve definitely earned this one. Salute


Congrats CSM you deserve it!

Very cool, CSM. Congratulations!


Congratulations CSM!

Congrats CSM Conrad! I miss our D&D sessions… :frowning:

What a nice, helpful, young man you are.

Congrats CSM!

Congratulations CSM!
Thank you for your time and dedication!

Congratulations CSM!

Very shiniest shiny! Well done CSM

Congratulations, CSM!

Congratulations CSM Conrad. Well earned!

Congratulations CSM Conrad! you are very Over Powered!

Congrats CSM! very well deserved, thank you for all you have done so far!