Award (Richard J. Norris)

PFC Montgomery said:

PFC Norris displayed incredible skill on July 2nd at NA FNF. The 29th was ordered to hold the terminal 2 objectives. PFC Norris, in the auto rifleman slot, got 10 confirmed kills and 4 knocks, none of which woke up. He had an amazing position to defend the objective at range and when the enemy got close, he flanked them and killed an entire enemy squad. There is no doubt in my mind that without the PFC, we would not have won that round and it is for this reason that PFC Norris is receiving a Bronze Star. Congrats PFC!


Congrats PFC, Excellent display!

Congratulations PFC Norris, an awesome job indeed!

Congrats, PFC Norris! It’s an honor to fight alongside you.

Well done PFC!

Well earned PFC, congratulations!

Certified killa badge well done mate

This was impressive to watch! Well done PFC

Congratulations PFC Norris!

Congratulations PFC Norris! It was incredible to witness!

Way to go PFC Norris!

This is as good as it gets, PFC! Keep that rifle pointed down range.