Award (Richard T. Vu)

PFC Sablon said:

PFC R. Vu has been in the unit for about six and a half months, but he has the skill and demeanor of a seasoned player. He sticks around after drills to help other squad members improve on their gameplay and to come up with strategies for our DBOTS matches. He has also managed to maintain perfect attendance through that whole time, on top of that he attends almost every Company drill and guests a whole lot! PFC R. Vu is a stellar example of what a PFC should aspire to be. He gives good feedback to help the other squads improve, he has a very good and positive attitude and helps out with squad morale when things are getting tough, and is always ready to help out leadership during drills, and he has performed superbly in our DBOTS matches, helping us get to the Finals. His riflemanship is revered throughout the Company, and he is a force to be reckoned with. For all of this, PFC R. Vu is being awarded a Good Conduct Medal. Congratulations PFC R. Vu, and keep up the good work!


Congratulations Vu, you earned it, keep up the good work!

great work Vu

Congrats you beautiful human being