Award (Robert H. Sanzotera)

Cpl. Wallison said:

Few men come close to the amount of time PFC Sanzotera. He was just awarded his 10th AOCC marking half a decade in the unit and his dedication to his role in the squad, the squad itself, and the 29th as a whole. His cheery attitude is iconic to everyone in DP3 and to say that Sanz is a cherished member is an understatement. Sanz not only has a way with words, but his patience and ambush tactics are nothing short of spectacular. You’ll never hear a noise while creeping into an objective then boom, Sanz was right where you weren’t looking. And if you get this guy behind the wheel of an APC, all kinds of hell are going to be opened on the enemy team. Sanz you are as dependable and charismatic as they come. Through my own time in DP3S1 I could always count on you to do your best and make a great show of it. Myself and all of DP3 can say the 29th wouldn’t be the same without you. Congratulations on receiving your Good Conduct Medal.


Congratulations PFC Sanzotera!

Congrats, Sanzo!

Congrats PFC Sanz!

Congratulations Mr Robert

Congratulations PFC Sanzo!