Award (Ryan Fleming)

Sgt. Zylath said:

On July 24, 2022, at Dog Company drill, T/5 Fleming demonstrated all points of sniper excellency. The scenario was a standard holdout setup. One team, with vastly inferior numbers, was holed up in the Foxtrot objective on Firebase Georgina. They had whatever equipment they desired at their disposal. The enemy forces had to run up a hill, from all directions, to get into the objective. Fleming took note of this, and as soon as it was called out that the enemy was massing their forces on the east, he sprung into action. Picking up two kills immediately after live, he then snuck into the forest on the east of the objective, knowing the enemy would be taking that approach. His gambit paid off, as after a few minutes, a majority of the enemy forces gathered around him. They were aware of his presence, but were unable to sniff him out. He decided to bide his time, giving valuable information to his team as he hid amidst the enemy. Once the attackers decided to push out of the forest, up the hill, and into the objective, Fleming again sprung into action, knocking out nine attackers within the span of about five seconds. They were totally exposed to their rear, where Fleming was, having been unable to find him after he held silently in the woods beside them. His employment of camouflage, patience, communication, and overall sniper competency is commendable, and thus he is earning an Army Commendation Medal for his efforts. Congratulations, T/5 Fleming.


Congratulations, T/5.

We already went over this in TS but go take a shower, that play was filthy. Congrats buddy!

Congrats on the shiny! A rare medal for rare talent.

Rare medal indeed, congratulations T/5!