Award (Simon M. Bærentzen)

2Lt. Wright said:

In the BBoTs matched between EP1S2 vs EP3S2 on round two. PFC Baerentzen was ordered to go scout for enemy advance by himself. He found himself inside a compound, while scanning for enemies they were able to approach his position and some had sneaked around from his location putting enemy forces between him and his comrades. A second group of enemies were approaching Baerentzen’s position in order to clear it out. The first soldier to breach Baerentzen’s position was Pvt. Perryman. Fire was exchanged and Baerentzen was able to get the kill. Straight after Cpl. S. Garcia rushed in behind Pvt. Perryman to finish off Baerentzen but Baerentzen was able to cut down Cpl. S. Garcia. PFC Foley was one of the soldiers to get around PFC Baerentzen and hearing the gunfire decide to turn back to take out PFC Baerentzen. PFC Baerentzen was able to turn around in time to see PFC Foley lining up a shot. PFC Baerentzen was able to get a burst of fire off that wounded PFC Foley. PFC Foley retreated but suffered fatal wounds and bleed out. PFC Baerentzen then ran to the northeast of the compound to get cover. PFC Coard who was close by and came running to finish off PFC Baerentzen. PFC Coard approached PFC Baerentzen from the high ground. PFC Coard and PFC Baerentzen were able to spot each other at the same time. PFC Coard fired off a burst that hit PFC Baerentzen but PFC Baerentzen was able to return effective fire dropping PFC Coard. PFC Baerentzen retreated to cover to bandage/reload but was cut down by a skillful GL from T/4 Fudge, ending PFC Baerentzen rampage.


Congrats brandon or ben10, forgot your name already.

Congratulations Bærentzen, I am glad to have you on my side because I would hate to go up against you.

Congrats Bærentzen!



A yet another great feat from brandon!