Award (Tim A. Finan)

Cpl. Pantera said:

Since Pvt. Finan has made his debut in the 29th he has made quite the impact, He makes him self available to guests every night and has done such a great job other squad leaders have messaged me telling me how much of a badass he is. You have absolutely made your presence known in the 29th in a very positive fashion. He’s eager to learn new things by volunteering for different roles, He even tried to get a job as an enlistment clerk. I Really have nothing bad to say about Pvt. Finan, He’s a valuable asset to FP1S2 and the 29th.

Atta boy is in order here not many pvt’s get shinies like this keep it up !

Congratulations buddy, keep up the hard work!

keep up the great work!

Impressive start to the 29th Private, keep up the solid work.