Award (Tomáš Sklepek)

Cpl. Fossi said:

Throughout this year’s DBotS, PFC Sklepek took it to heart to help me prepare our squad for our DBotS scenarios by doing some recon work in his free time, scouting some very good spots and even preparing some maps for me. Although S3’s DBotS adventure ended rather fast, PFC Sklepek’s enthusiasm did not. He then tried to do as much as possible to help out our DP1 family in this tournament by guesting their drills and even their unofficial DBotS preparations, there he helped them finding good spots and he regularly gathered guest for them. For this outstanding work I think it is a good idea to award PFC Sklepek the Good Conduct Medal, congratulations!


Congratulations PFC Sklepek!

Congratulations PFC, continue the hard work - thanks for all that you do!