Badge (Adam D. Rodd)

PFC Bedekovich said:

T/5 Rodd What to say about this one. T/5 Rodd, man that most people connect to incredible marksmanship with his rifle but there is another weapon this man is most deadly with. Whether it is sniping radio towers from 900 meters, hitting moving vehicles with perfect accuracy or, as he likes to remind us every day, effectively use the antitank to clear out fortified & window positions with dependable accuracy. You can be sure that T/5 Rodd knows what he is doing with his CE. So it is with great pleasure I present T/5 Rodd with his long overdue Combat Engineer Sharpshooter badge.

A man of the boomstick, exquisite taste

Congrats, T/5! Well earned!

Long overdue, congratulations mate.

Congrats man!

Congrats T/5 Rodd!!!