Badge (Alex W. Zylath)

Cpl. Capwell said:

Sgt. Zylath likes to tell us all that he is terrible at Rising Storm 2. Any member of his squad can tell that whenever someone compliments him he will remind us that he just tells us what to do, we’re the ones who make the big plays and get the shinies. And while that’s a great attitude for a leader to have… at some point, someone has to call him on his bullshit and remind him that he is a force to be reckoned with in his own right. This is why I’m writing to inform you all that Sgt. Zylath has been working away at mastering the fine art of kablooey for the better part of two years at this point. Whenever we have an open spot for a CE on our team he grabs an M79, and sets to work slinging HE rounds past visual range with devastating consistency and accuracy, all the while calling orders to his squad. Not only can he do the long-range YEET, Sgt. Zylath has mastered positioning just behind the team and acting as close-fire support for the guys up front. On multiple occasions, I have found my call-out cut off halfway through by his HE or RPG rounds zipping over my shoulder and simply liquidating the troublesome individual before the squad even had time to react to them. Suffice it to say the man is not bad at games, he’s just humble, and here’s a Combat Engineer Marksman Badge to prove it. Congratulations Sergeant Zylath!

Nice work sarge

Welcome to the CE cult @Zylath! Happy to have you aboard!

Great work TP buddy!