Badge (Alexander G. Kline)

Cpl. Sabith said:

PFC Kline here decided to take the long, arduous path of CE. The Boom Tube. Destroyers of armor. Long Range Exploady Bois. He started off pretty rough as most due with this highly important kit, but he has started to pick up quite the knack for it. PFC Kline has gritted his teeth and hunkered down, waiting for those great shots to show themselves. He has also taken long range shots at unsuspecting vehicles, leaving them scurrying away at the thought of a CE coming. With all his dedication to his craft and continued consistency, it has become apparent that he needs a shiny thing to show off his craft! Congrats, PFC Kline, on earning your CE Marksman Badge! May you become more deadly with your rockets during your stay with us!