Badge (Alexei Duran)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Cpl. Duran for a long time has been one of the most dangerous and dynamic players in DP1. His experience paired with his deep game knowledge and understanding of the Battlefield, means that if you see this man is still alive on the roster, you need to exercise extreme caution with whatever plans you are making, no matter how the scales are tipped. This man will reak havoc on your ranks, no matter if he is one on one, or vs. an entire squad. Cpl Duran has worked on and honed his skills with the Light AIT for a long time, and is very much deserving of recognition with his chosen AIT. Congratulations on the award of your Submachine Gun Sharpshooter Badge.


Very well deserved. Congratulations Cpl. Duran!

Congratulations Cpl., I am always scared to face you :wink: