Badge (Andrew J. Grimes)

Cpl. Hamilton said:

We’ve seen T/3 Grimes up here a lot lately, first with his 11th AoCC and then for his rare promotion to Technician, 3rd Grade. But, today we’re here to celebrate T/3 Grimes love of blowing stuff up. Initially he was the guy that stopped a tank in its tracks, both figuratively and literally. There’s very few that come close to the level of skill he has with all things anti-vehicle. However, after proving his prowess at vehicle destruction, he decided that he’d like to be in the vehicles and since then he continues to do what you expect T/3 Grimes to do, blow stuff up. It turns out, he’s actually a pretty good crewman and has definitely earned his Armor Marksman Badge. Congratulations T/3 Grimes!

Well done T/3. Congratulations!