Badge (Andrew J. Martin)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

PFC A. Martin despite being in the unit for only about 9 months, has shown himself to be a skillfully robust individual. Able to adapt with any equipment, he quickly proved himself to be a capable and deadly rifleman. However, what surprised most was his natural intuition with the Combat Engineer. An infamously hard to master AIT due to it’s wide variety of use and skillset. Within a span of a single month, PFC A. Martin went from a deadly rifleman to a CE who is able to get several kills on live with a single thumper shot. His skills with a projectile, being able to account for the standard deviation of any weapon is also highlighted by his needle like accuracy; taking down helicopters with an RPG from +150 meters away. By all accounts PFC A. Martin has surpassed anything I would have expected from a first month AIT holder, and therefore has earned his Combat Engineer marksmanship badge! Congratulations PFC!