Badge (Antonio S. Alvaro)

Cpl. Akbulut said:

PFC Alvaro got his AIT 6 months ago. From that day he is doing an amazing job with it. Especially in the last 2 months, he progressed a lot. When we have Alvaro, we know that we have a portable mortar with us. Mark the enemy, give the distance and let him do his job. He also showed his skills in BBOPs with destroying objectives, damaging objectives and killing enemies with his AIT. I am glad that he is part of my squad. Congratulations on the badge PFC!

congrats on the shiny iron, alvaro. the holy hand grenades that you fire always find their mark, congrats on the medal, 4S1 appreciates you!

Congrats for the medal, Alvaro!
Such a fine GL you make! And a finer teammate!