Badge (Brett M. Formosa)

2Lt. Tremblay said:

Cpl. Formosa has been an AR in a CE’s platoon for a long long time. Before he joined leadership he was an excellent AR but in recent times has been forced to focus on his role. When he does get the chance to pick up the MG’s he is a menace. Not always in the way of stacking bodies (which he has proven repeatedly he is more than capable of) but more importantly as a part of the team. He uses his AR to suppress, clear rooms and cause havoc appropriately. I believe that to call this Sharpshooter a Marksman is a tragedy that needs immediate rectification. Congratulations on your M.Sc in micro kabooms Cpl Formosa and on your well earned Sharpshooter badge.

Congratulations Cpl. I had a pleasure to see your skills, fortunately you weren’t my enemy.