Badge (Calvin E. Reimer)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

PFC Reimer has been around the unit for a shy of three years now, and during this time he has established quite the reputation as a pilot. I can confidently say that PFC Reimer is one of the few people in the entire company that can not only direct accurate and deadly fire with the loach, but consistently enough to change the tide of battle even at a company drill! On top of this especially unique skillset PFC Reimer has an especially distinguishing quality to his character; Passionate. Once PFC Reimer places his mind on a specific task he will not stop until this task is not only completed, but completed to a exceptional quality; and even then might work on it some more! His dedication and rigor is what sets apart PFC Reimer from most, having the drive and diligence to see through to the end with a vision in-mind. Thank you PFC Reimer for not only your contributions to the squad, but Dog Company as a whole with your fervent drive. I’m always thrilled to see what you can accomplish every time you take off!


Congratulations, PFC!

Nice looking wings! No doubt one of the hardest badges to fulfill, congratulations!

Solid flying, congrats on the badge!