Badge (Carson Jacob)

Cpl. Moran said:

PFC Jacob has been with me since the creation of the ever-mysterious EP5, one of the few members who can brag to have been part of that glorious platoon. Getting to know Jacob as a private, it surprises me none that he has elected to take up the Automatic Rifle as his AIT, possessing the same mentality of the fellow Dakka Dakkas. Getting off to a rocky start, he persevered through ELOAs nonetheless. He has demonstrated his skill with the 240 and the PKP to myself, Cpl. Maestas, and Platoon Leadership - not to mention the poor squads he decimated while guesting. It is my absolute pleasure that I get to write this quote for you Jacob. The time has come for your AR Marksman badge! Congratulations PFC Jacob, continue working hard and that Sharpshooter will come before you know it.