Badge (Cauê H. Heleno)

Cpl. Sablon said:

DP2S2 has had a lot of guys come and go over the past few months. None of them stick out as much as PFC Heleno. He started off as a greener than grass Private and has grown into a very trustworthy PFC. But we aren’t here today congratulating him on his time in the unit. PFC Heleno is a Brazilian man and a very handsome one at that. DP2S2 has a reputation for having outstanding Brazilian Machinegunners, and PFC Heleno wasted no time filling that role in S2. PFC Heleno picked up how to use the MG very quickly, and has since learned how to dominate the battlefield by pumping hot lead down range into his enemies. I am very proud of how far he has come and look forward to seeing his future. Congratulations PFC Heleno on receiving your Machine Gun Marksman Badge!


Congratulations PFC Heleno, you’ve earned this for sure!

boom boom pow pow machine gun noises

Keep up the great work!

Good man, great job PFC

You filled in the shoes of PFC Ofoso and PFC Pino nicely. Somehow I always meet you at the other end of the M60! Congratulations PFC, very well-deserved.