Badge (Charles H. Gerhardt)

2Lt. Furie said:

PFC Gerhardt has been in the unit for quite some time and in that time he has spent most of it using his Grenadier AIT. His long relationship with his AIT has created a bond between the man and the rifle mounted grenade launcher to such a degree that even a microscopic scratch on the tube would feel like a canyon to the experienced fingers of this PFC. He is a deadly force that wields his AIT with such experience and skill that gives comfort to his squad that he has their backs and will accomplish his tasks. For his skill and experience in the art of dropping hot potatoes on his foes we feel that it has come time to award him his Grenadier Sharpshooter Badge, Congrats PFC Gerhardt!

Well deserved, congrats!

Very overdue and I am very happy to see you get that sharpshooter.

Well done!

Great to have you Gerhardt. Keep lobbing them hot potatoes.

Well earned!