Badge (Christopher M. Cowles)

Cpl. J. Lee said:

Many have forgotten that PFC Cowles’ assigned AIT is Crewman, but his performance in the air more than blasts away any concern. PFC Cowles aids in achieving success in all scenarios, whether the context is defense, offense, or extraction. J-turning, circle-strafing, autorotation—name the maneuver, and PFC Cowles has already mastered and leveraged it. Piloting a helicopter, the most impactful element in any drill, can be very stressful, and many pilots inadvertently dominate their TS channels. However, PFC Cowles has never expressed any frustration while flying in-game, laudable discipline that unfortunately frequently goes without acknowledgment. DP2S1 is fortunate to count your helicopter skillset among its repertoire. Congratulations on earning this medal, PFC Cowles. You have displayed your abilities beyond doubt.


Congratulations PFC Cowles !

And we still can’t get your name right, congrats!

Congrats PFC Cowles! Can’t wait to see you guesting more!

Congratulations Cowles, welcome to the Fly Boi club!

Congratulations PFC Cowles!

Fly high! And away from my enlistment clerk desk pls. Jk congratulations! Flying men are a rare specimen and good ones with the wings are even rarer