Badge (Cillian L. Mahon)

Sgt. McArdle said:

Like many others in the platoon, PFC Mahon decided to pick up the automatic rifle when given the choice. It is then no surprise that I find myself here writing about PFC Mahon and his automatic rifle marksmanship. Over his time with the AIT, Mahon has become a harbinger of death and continues to cause havoc on the battlefield. He is one of those ARs that you can trust to hold the rear and have a continuous volley of suppression at the enemy. When he isn’t a part of the suppression team, you can find him on the front line cutting down enemies left and right, taking names in the process. Personally, I’m grateful that I have PFC Mahon in my squad because without him many attacks and defenses could have failed without his AR marksmanship. Speaking of marksmanship, PFC Mahon it is my honor to award you with your Automatic Rifle Marksman Badge! Now go for that sharpshooter!