Badge (Ciro A. Maestas)

It is difficult to talk about a Drill Instructor without using clichés about how important they are to the unit. That is because they are simply that important to the unit. It is a position that can make a lasting impact on a member for their entire career. Whether it be a veteran squad leader serving as DI, or a PFC that has only been around a year or two, these members are training the future, potentially even someone who will one day enter Platoon or Company leadership. Cpl. Maestas has for several months now done an exemplary job of both training and welcoming in the next generation of 29th members. The Corporal serves both Fox and Easy Company with hard work, regularly assisting in covering extra days in other training platoons. For this, it is my pleasure to award Cpl. Maestas with the Drill Sergeant Badge! Congratulations and I genuinely thank you for your service.


Congratulations Cpl !

Thank you for the time you put into teaching the new recruits, Cpl! It is very appreciated by all of us. Congratulations!

Congrats Cpl.!