Badge (Daniel R. Murray)

2Lt. Dawdy said:

T/5 Murray is a long standing member of DP3. As our platoon clerk, he has courteously reinforced our administrative side of platoon management; ensuring on-time delivery of quotes, paperwork, et cetra to the benefit of his peer and superiors alike. However, T/5 Murray is also well know for his capabilities with his submachine gun, a deadly tool in his hands he has consistently changed the outcome of a round based on accurate fire and quick maneuvering. Utilizing his smoke grenades to block line of sight, or cleverly as a diversion for the main assault. T/5 Murray has, without doubt, honed and mastered his AIT.

Beyond his roles within our mandatory hours, he could be found participating in extra curricular activities such as Operation Spearhead and DP3’s Clash of the Titans. In both events, he has flexed his AIT muscles and continues to hone his practice. Prior to this, he was also an Ordnance Instructor, conveying and teaching the tricks, skillset, and fundamentals to anyone who was interested in furthering their ability. With all of these considerations in mind, upper-leadership has decided that a sharpshooter badge no longer reflects the level of skill exhibited by T/5 Murray. Therefore, he is being awarded the coveted Light Expert Badge, congratulations on this rare achievement.


Congrats! Very well-earned.

Hell yeah Murray!

Well earned T/5 Murray!