Badge (Dom B. Colling)

Cpl. Voth said:

Since PFC Colling joined DP3S2 from our sister squad, he quickly found himself at home; integrating himself with his fellow squadmates and with his leadership. From the get go, PFC Colling has been a light I could admire and rely upon; clearing out bunkers in close quarters, gunning down opponents with accurate, sustained fire, and blazing the trail the rest of DP3S2 can follow behind. Not only are his skills as a light impressive, but he seems to have also picked up some tricks of the trade from T/5 Bat, as if he can’t be found on point of the Squad’s formation, he can certainly be found on our flanks, protecting his squadmates and scouting out the enemy’s position. Given his time and dedication to his AIT, Platoon leadership and myself have found it fitting that PFC Colling be awarded his Submachine Gun Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations, PFC, well earned and well deserved!