Badge (Duje S. Zikov)

Cpl. Fossi said:

PFC Zikov is a beast. For a bit over a year he keeps rocking the MG, but unlike most of the other PFC Zikov prefers a challenge, that’s why he told himself to use weapons nobody else would even dare to use. Some time has passed and Zikov learned to understand and utilize the M1919 machine gun, and in comparison to the other MGs in Dog company he truly controls it. But with the rest of the MGs he also has a good feeling and a big skillset. Drill by Drill he never seizes to amaze and impress me and Platoon HQ, and as a fellow MG enjoyer I can only say the following: Congratulations PFC Zikov on earning your Machine Gun Sharpshooter Badge, keep them bullets flying!


Very cool! Well earned Zikov!

Congratulations PFC Zikov!