Badge (Elyot A. Feaster)

Sgt. Vos said:

Imagine yourself on a battlefield. You have many enemies surrounding your position, as you look left to right in a panic, you hear the grass rustling all around you. Then… you hear a loud crack to your back. Your initial thought is you just died however, you can still see, move and think. You peer to your rear only to see Pvt. Feaster defending your back like it is his own. Knowing the skill Pvt. Feaster has, now calms your nerves. With your wits about you now, a game plan is developed, and easy slaughter of the enemy ensues. Without the skill of Feaster and his rifle, none of it could have been possible. We acknowledge this and award him with his Rifle AQB. Congratulations!

Congratulations, Pvt. Feaster!
Keep watching our backs, please!

Well deserved Pvt!!! Keep up the good work.