Badge (Ethan X. Linkinhoker)

Cpl. Winston said:

After using only a rifle for an extended period of time, adjusting to an AIT and the different ways in which it should be used can be a difficult task. However, PFC Link has adapted to his role as a machine gunner exceptionally well. In practically every situation, PFC Link is able to leverage the firepower of his machine gun to great effect for both suppression, defense, and offense. Due to his skills, PFC Link is an extremely dependable asset during a drill who can always be relied on to help achieve victory and is more than worthy of his position as a machine gunner. Furthermore, PFC Link continues to demonstrate a desire to become even better with his AIT than he is currently, and the whole squad is more than happy to see him using his machine gun. And because of his skills with his AIT, PFC Link is more than deserving of recognition, so congrats PFC Link on your MG marksman badge, and here’s to many more exploits to come!


Congrats Link! Very well deserved.

Congrats Link!

Gun go bbbrrrrrr


Nice badge PFC!

Well done PFC, keep it up!