Badge (Gavin T. Wash)

Sgt. Hanley said:

PFC Wash has had an interesting career as a machine gunner, but one that has become quite an important journey for himself and the squad. PFC Wash did not know which AIT to select when he first joined the squad, with limited or no spots available and a general lack of interest. Overtime, the squad progressed, changed, and was altered such that various AIT positions became available. With many other squad members selecting their AIT, PFC Wash became interested in the machine gunner role, a choice well-made seeing how things turned out. PFC Wash has always had a passion for learning, and an eye for detail. This combination is such a great one to have for anyone in the 29th ID, but especially a member that is learning a new gun, equipment, and playstyle. PFC Wash’s dedication is evident but his consistant improvement in combat ability, and knowledge of his AIT and its guns. With one major step of the journey out of the way, there is no doubt that PFC Wash will continue to develop his AIT skills and earn his sharpshooter badge.


Congratulations PFC Wash, keep rocking that MG!