Badge (Gerard B. Demigo)

Cpl. Martin said:

Its clear that PFC Demigo is a good sub machine gunner but his skills with a rifle cannot be overlooked! I have seen him improve on a near daily basis in many drills. He has been able to adapt well to the changes between a sub machinegun and a rifle with slight variation on his gunplay. He has really proved himself in many difficult long-range maps being able to cause havoc in the rear of any unsuspecting enemy player. He has also been able to support the squad many times in this role in which he has called out and scouted ahead enemy positions. This communication has been strongly backed up by a very good sniper like accuracy with a rifle which is why I am pleased to award him his Rifle Sharpshooter badge, Congratulation PFC Demigo keep hunting and shooting up the enemy everywhere they tread!