Badge (Henry von Hubert)

Cpl. Jonker said:

PFC von Hubert is one of the “Back in Baker” guys. But I first met von Hubert back when we were both members of Sgt. van Dongen’s penal battalion. Over the months that followed, I have learned that he cannot be bothered to play single-player games. Preferring competitive games that have the challenge of a real opponent. He expresses this competitive nature within the 29th through his AIT. A stoic individual, he is focused on the job, and the job is shooting grenades at the OpFor. I have noticed that when I want a GL inside a building, PFC von Hubert always gets the job done. Congratulations on your Grenadier Marksman Badge. Well deserved!

PFC von Hubert Congratulations on your Grenadier badge, well deserved.


Well done PFC.