Badge (Ivan D. Buravkov)

Sgt. Lord said:

Here we are yet again. PFC Buravkov has managed to kill everyone again. Yet this time he has done it with his tried and true rifle. Something that he has taken quite a liking to, so much so that he routinely is one of the top fraggers in the platoon. Almost every week I get to watch this man pain the town red and occupy the scoreboard so much it seems like he owns the place, but in all seriousness I have come to know PFC Buravkov as one of the most steadfast and realizable members of DP3. He has been a shining example of what one can do when they set their sights on something. Let’s hope it is not on you. Congratulations on your Rifle Sharpshooter Badge.

I dont like you during drills😂

Nothing scarier than a Russian with a rifle, congrats man.


Congratulations PFC Buravkov!

I whole-heartedly believe that no one that I’ve met in this unit possesses the same ability to so effortlessly derive feelings of simultaneous love, hatred, and sheer terror on the battlefield. Brave men pray for peace, farmers pray for rain; I pray to stay up-range of PFC Buravkov’s muzzle. Congrats bud, this is overdue and very well-earned!

Congrats PFC!