Badge (Jack M. Page)

Cple McArdle said:

When I think about someone who knows his vehicles and understands the complexities of them, PFC Page pops into my mind. He has diligently studied the complex art of war when it comes to the tactics of armor. This intellect that PFC Page has comes from the countless houses he has spent during and outside of drills. He is the type of crewman that leadership can trust to carry out their orders well and effectively. He is also the type of guy to take initiative and leadership when things get rough. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, he can be seen in drills in his techie BMP sending down explosives from nine hundred meters away and landing multiple kills. To say the least, PFC Page has been an excellent crewman to have within the squad and the platoon. With the amount of time he has put into training to become an effective crewman, we have deemed that he gets a reward for his work. With that being said, I’m glad to finally award PFC Page with his crewman marksman badge! Congratulations PFC Page, go for that sharpshooter!


Congrats PFC Page! You do great work

Congratulations, great work!

Well deserved. Keep up the good work.