Badge (Jacob M. Murray)

Cpl. Voth said:

When Cpl. J. Murray isn’t performing his duties as my ASL of DP3S2, forming the new minds of prospective 29th members as a DI, or leading his team to victory at the head of a tactical column in drills, he can be found in any open CE slot raining hell down on his opponents. Be it a rifle grenade, thumper, or flame thrower, Cpl. J. Murray is a surgeon with the tools at his disposal. He can clear out any defensive position or fortification through C4, white phosphorus, or flaming gasoline. These abilities have been instrumental many times in the past to lead DP3S2 to victory and it has come time he is awarded for those abilities. Congratulations, Cpl. J. Murray, on your Combat Engineer Marksmanship Badge!

Congratulations Cpl. J. Murray!

Congratulations Cpl., and welcome to the CE Club!

Congratulations Cpl.!