Badge (James I. Wright)

Cpt. Barclay said:

2Lt. Wright was assigned to my platoon many years ago when he joined the 29th. Within the first month he was an ADI and training new members before he was a PFC. In his first six months he became a DI, joined SLT, and because an ASL. Right from the beginning he was involved and taking on leadership roles. One of the lesser know things about the 2Lt is that he can shoot. He has been known to rack up the kills with the rifle and a lot of the times it goes unseen. MSgt. Bagge and I agree that is it time the we recognize the shooting ability of 2Lt. Wright. Congratulation 2Lt. Wright on your rifle sharpshooter badge.

yeah he’s alright.

No doubt, that man knows how to kill. Congratulations!


Welcome to the EP1 Rifle Sharpshooter club 2Lt!

Congrats 2Lt!!