Badge (Jergul A. Jergulson)

Sgt. J. Wright said:

PFC Jergulson is both the mom and dad of EP4S1. He constantly on time for drills, coming to me with issues and feedback, telling me that I need to stay behind because it’s too dangerous and important to die. He once told me to shut up in the kindness way anyone has ever done but the most impressive thing that Jergulson done was improve greatly with his Rifleman, I haven’t seen someone who was having a hard time using his weapon to becoming someone who is always getting kills and giving out great communication in a short period of time. With this, I congratulate you with your rifle marksman badge.

Congrats Mr. Jergulson. Well deserved, keep it up!


Well earn Jergulson. Keep up the good work

Congratulations PFC!
Keep up the good work!