Badge (Jessica Jess)

SSgt. Crane said:

Every so often there comes along a member of the 29th who excels, truly at their given skillset; within the marksman world, such names as Berus and Evarts will always stand as peak examples of their trade. Unsurprisingly, of course, we find ourselves staring down the barrel (and optic) of an award well and truly years in the making. Technician, Fifth Grade Jess, for any of those who do not know her by experience, easily stands among those big names of the marksman AIT as one of the best. Whether it be standing in the middle of the desert to kill half a dozen of her foes during a scrim, or absolutely dominating with double digit kill rounds while guesting, to simply being one of the best communicators the 29th has despite her muteness, she has proven that fact many times over. Although I didn’t have the pleasure of being the one to first give her a shot at the marksman rifle, I certainly have given her plenty of shots to put one in my skull since she joined EP5 and I know from personal experience the deadliness of this 29ther at just about any range. As such, it is my absolute honor to award her with her well-deserved Sniper Sharpshooter Badge. Congratulations, T/5, and I am sure we’ll see you even deeper down the rabbit hole of the sniper AIT shortly.

The fact that we fear you at EP1S2 squad drills says it all. Congratulations T/5 Jess!

HUGE!! Well deserved Jess, congratulations!


Truly deserved

Congratulations T/5 Jess!

Well done T/5 Jess.